About Us

We, the Elves would like to introduce ourselves, and also our beloved project

Our Elf-team Consists of Local Artists and Designers. Some of which have come to Alaska from all over the world, including Europe.  While others have been “professional elves” for 10+ years working with major productions in the lower 48.  The factory has a unique charm because it has been handcrafted from the littlest details to insure an authentic feeling.  Our goal is to create a magical community event here in Palmer at the State Fairgrounds during the dark hours of winter. Our hope is that this first year of ours will be a beginning of something spectacular, something which will create memories for all generations.

The Factory will open its gates in December and will remain open for five weeks during the Christmas season. This experience is way more than just a quick program for kids.  It is an interactive theatrical experience for the entire family. Professional Elves will be with your tour group around every exciting corner, providing answers to those tricky Christmas questions., and entertainment for all ages. This event will bring family and friends closer to each other, and also to the true spirit of Christmas.

For us it is about building a community, and very much about living our passion and purpose.  We would like to help children in the Mat-su Valley who struggle, suffer, or are in need of something magical.  We are excited to announce our Charitable contributions to the community that will continue throughout the entire year!  We will be contributing to children through local schools to find out about their needs.  We are also connected with Mrs. Alaska 2018 and her “Build Them Up Project”.  As well as many other causes for children within our community.   We know that children all over the world deserve to feel safe, and loved, and have the ability to dream big dreams, and to achieve great things!

Mrs. Alaska United States 2018 - Leticia Wade

We can not wait to see you at The Christmas Factory this winter!  Lets experience the ultimate Christmas with Santa and his elves.  Let’s help Children to believe there is something good in the world!

We wish you a Merry Day with love,

Santa's Elves