About Us

Owners, Creators, Artists, Designers, Creative Directors, costume design NOLAN & MEGAN "The Christmas Factory started as a dream, it became our families reality"

We, would like to introduce ourselves, and also our beloved project THE CHRISTMAS FACTORY

Our Elf-team Consists of Local artists and designers.  It only took our one little family and big dreams to put together the vision from what we always pictured Santa’s Workshop to be.   Our family came to Alaska in 2017 after being “professional elves” for 10+ years working with major productions in the lower 48.  We wanted to create something new, something magical, something unique for the people of this amazing state.  The Factory has a unique charm because it has been handcrafted from the littlest details to insure an authentic feeling. Our goal is to create a magical community event here in Palmer, at the Alaska State Fairgrounds during the dark hours of winter. Our hope is that this event will be a beginning of something spectacular, something which will create memories for all generations.

This experience was designed to be way more than just a quick program for kids.  It is an interactive theatrical experience for the entire family.  This event will bring family and friends closer to each other, and also to the true spirit of Christmas.

For us it is about building a community, and very much about living our passion and purpose.  We would like to help children in the Mat-su Valley who struggle, suffer, or are in need of something magical.  We are excited to announce our Charitable contributions to the community that will continue throughout the entire year!   We know that children all over the world deserve to feel safe, and loved, and have the ability to dream big dreams, and to achieve great things!

We can not wait to see you at The Christmas Factory this winter!  Lets experience the ultimate Christmas with Santa and his elves.  Let’s help Children to believe there is something good in the world!

May you Days be Merry & Bright
with love, 

The Garvin Family

Man pushing woman in a wheel burrow on a sunny warm day
Marketing, Director, Head elf
Kelley and Tunde Tedd

Tunde and Kelley are the amazing behind the scenes masterminds that help this event run smoothly. This power couple has a passion for helping others, and especially for helping children. They came to Alaska in 2017 from the beautiful European country of Hungary. They quickly caught the vision of the magic of the Christmas Factory. Tunde is also the head elf at the Christmas Factory, which is her absolutely favorite character of all time. She doesn't admit it, but deep down inside she wants to be an elf all year long. Kelley helps with all the technical things that come at all ours of the night. Tunde is truely gifted in her ability to push for our message, bringing Magic to children. Kelley helps it all stay organized.

The Garvin Children

Jarin, Madilyn, and Logan are the biggest fans of this project. These are the children who truly spark the imagination behind each element of the performance. For their entire lives they have watched their parents build and have been there side by side as we paint, sew, and create. They have held the tape measure and chalk lines hundreds of times. They have swept up the saw dust and glitter trails. Jarin (15) designed, created and operated our magical “toy machine”. Madilyn(13) is the “baker” who helps with the amazing snickerdoodle cookies. Logan(10) keeps us smiling when the days seem long. Without them this absolutely wouldn’t be possible.