Giving Back

The Christmas Factory was built from a dream, ambition, and true heartfelt love. Owners Nolan and Megan enjoy more than anything, giving back to children. Our mission here at The Christmas Factory is to create memories and opportunities for children to believe. Not just that magic can exist, but also that magic lives within themselves.

Would you like to submit a charitable recommendation for a family in need?

The Factory now offers

The Well Deserved Nomination Program

for 10 local families to attend our special event free of charge.

  1. Nominate a family in need of Real Spirit of Christmas this year.
  2. Explain why you feel this family is well deserving.
  3. The elves will choose the top 10 well deserving local families to attend free of charge.

for information and to nominate your special family, contact us at

The Christmas Factory Proudly Supports
The build them up non-profit program. Helping unprivileged children to build confidence through the fine arts.
Man standing and smiling while looking at a woman embracing in a hug a mother and child.